Why do I need a TukOut account?

A TukOut account is required to place an order on TukOut. TukOut users can save their information and favorite delivery addresses for easy ordering.

How can I open a TukOut account?

Two options: Use your Facebook account or use an email and password combination.
Using a Facebook account is the fastest and easiest way to sign up on TukOut. Users who choose the email sign up are asked to choose a password and confirm their email address by means of a confirmation email sent to their email address. In both cases, users also have to provide a valid Cambodian mobile phone number and go through a verification process by means of a confirmation SMS sent to their mobile phone.

I am trying to sign in with Facebook but I get an error about my email address. What can I do?

This error has several possible reasons:
1. Your Facebook account does not have a confirmed email address attached to it. Make sure in your Facebook General Settings that you have a valid email addresss.
2. You did not accept to share your email address with TukOut. Open your Facebook App Settings, click on the TukOut app and check that are you indeed sharing your email with TukOut. If necessary, remove the TukOut app and try signing in again on TukOut, this time making sure that you agree to share your email address with TukOut.
3. Facebook bug. If you have already checked 1. and 2., you may try the following: remove your email in your Facebook General Settings and then add it back again. Once this is done, you may try signing in again on TukOut.


How much does delivery cost?

You will see the applicable delivery fee when browsing a restaurant/store if you have selected a delivery address. Delivery fees depend on the distance between the restaurant/store and the selected delivery address.

Where does TukOut deliver?

TukOut delivers to all Sihanoukville, Cambodia, including Otres 1 and Otres 2.

How do I pay for my order?

All orders are COD (Cash On Delivery).